SourceMedia Launches Social Catalyst: Advanced Social Retargeting On Its Top Trending Content

<br/><i>Enables advertisers to target pre-defined first-party audience segments with relevant, top trending content across social media platforms</i><br/>

New York, NY (May 3, 2017) – SourceMedia -- a diversified digital B2B media company serving senior decision-makers in finance, technology and healthcare, announced today the launch of Social Catalyst, a social advertising product and latest addition to its growing portfolio of advanced data targeting solutions.

“SourceMedia can now pinpoint its users on social media and better target them with relevant content and ads on these platforms,” said Matthew Yorke, media and marketing industry veteran and SourceMedia’s newly appointed CMO. “We’re making it easier for marketers to target customers, regardless of platform. We’re also providing them with an additional touchpoint and data with which to qualify the interest and intent of a specific user so that they can better market to them.”

With Social Catalyst, advertisers can extend the reach of campaigns and target SourceMedia’s audience on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, by aligning their brand with top trending editorial content, in real-time, and in the form of a highly targeted sponsored social post. When users click on Social Catalyst native sponsored posts, advertisers will have the option to further target these users with brand messages as they move through social media and onto SourceMedia properties.

Using Social Catalyst, advertisers can specifically target their audience through:

  • The integration of social promotion, where the pre-defined audience segment receives the content as a sponsored social post
  • SourceMedia’s editorial website hosting the top trending content, where the advertiser will have 100% share of voice of surrounding display ads
  • Extended reach off of SourceMedia properties, where users that have interacted with the program are further engaged through the advertiser’s own social channels

Social Catalyst also offers an additional touch point to qualify user intent and help advertisers refine their targeting by understanding user behavior both within and outside of the SourceMedia ecosystem. SourceMedia uses advanced data science and a machine learning utility known as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that analyzes verified first-party data, reinforced with third-party data, across all user touchpoints to provide a holistic view of each user’s intent. This allows SourceMedia the ability to provide its advertiser partners, hyper-targeted audience segments with better engaged, higher quality leads that are farther down the sales funnel.

SourceMedia, an Observer Capital company, is a business-to-business digital marketing services, subscription information, and event company serving senior-level professionals in the financial, technology and healthcare sectors. Brands include American Banker, PaymentsSource, The Bond Buyer, Financial Planning, Accounting Today, Mergers & Acquisitions, National Mortgage News, Employee Benefit News and Health Data Management.

Petra Hailu