SourceMedia Launches SourceSelect+

Account-based Marketing (ABM) Product that Uses Intent Intelligence to Identify Accounts that are In-market for a Client’s Product(s)

NEW YORK (January 11, 2018) – SourceMedia, a digital business information and performance media company serving senior decision-makers in finance, technology and healthcare, announces the launch of SourceSelect+, an account-based marketing (ABM) product that analyzes SourceMedia’s first-party intent data to identify those prospects who are in-market for a client’s product(s).

SourceSelect+ is the next evolution of the company’s account-based marketing offering and takes an always-on approach to ABM by analyzing, reporting and leveraging the most up-to-date intent data--a user’s content consumption and frequency of content both on SourceMedia’s sites and across the web --to help clients determine prospects that are in-market for their products so that they can achieve better campaign results with less waste.

“Standard ABM programs are constrained by client lists and what can be delivered through traditional demographic targeting,” said Matthew Yorke, CMO, SourceMedia. “With SourceSelect+, we are blending demographic with intent to provide what we call ‘Intelligent Data’ at the top of the funnel and quality engaged leads at the bottom through multiple distribution channels.”

With SourceSelect+, SourceMedia creates a custom audience segment through its Customer Data Platform (CDP) and then tracks their activity every two weeks via topic surge reports to ensure freshness and relevance of data. SourceSelect+ is powered by SourceMedia’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), which utilizes AI technology to track user behavior and content consumption both on and off portfolio and incorporates I2 (Intent Intelligence) to identify in-market prospects within clients’ key accounts.

“Account-based marketing is a growing piece of SourceMedia’s business,” continued Yorke. “More and more brands are looking to partner with us on very specific business objectives that can be solved with our audience, data and AI.”

About SourceMedia
SourceMedia, an Observer Capital company, is an innovative, growing digital business information and performance media company serving senior-level professionals in the financial, technology and healthcare sectors. Brands include American Banker, PaymentsSource, The Bond Buyer, Financial Planning, Accounting Today, Mergers & Acquisitions, National Mortgage News, Employee Benefit News and Health Data Management.

Petra Hailu