Don’t Miss a Single Email

Here’s how to ensure delivery.

Our newsletters engage readers with news, analysis, and events you don’t want to miss.

Unfortunately, many email providers can filter out email you want. Whether you are an end user, or a tech guru, this guide will help ensure our newsletters are delivered to your inbox.

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For End Users

One way to help ensure delivery is to add SourceMedia to your safe senders list. Below are instructions for some of the most popular email providers. Please note that these instructions may differ slightly from the software version you currently use.

Outlook | | Gmail | Yahoo!

For IT Admins

IT Admins can whitelist SourceMedia domains or IP Addresses at their firewalls or mail servers to ensure delivery.

Whitelist Domains | Whitelist IP Addresses

Outlook (Desktop Version)

Select your newlsetter email (it may be in your Junk Folder) then, on the Home Menu, select Junk > Never Block Sender

Click on the Gear Icon at the top right to open Settings, then choose Mail. Accounts > Block or Allow

Under Safe Senders and Recipients add the following domains;


Select your newsletter email (it may be in your Spam Folder) and hover your mouse pointer over the Sender’s Name. A card contact card will appear. Select Add To Contacts


Select your newsletter email (it may be be in your Spam Folder) and right-click the email. A context menu will appear. Select Add Sender to Contacts

Domains To Whitelist

IP Addresses To Whitelist

Should your company subscribe to Proofpoint, please also whitelist these IPs in that system.

Reference the following links to configure Mimecast